Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finally, taken the picture for my phone. And I decorated it with my sticker (open my treasure drawer and look for it :D )
(my treasure drawer which has full of stickers. I'm proud of it) =p
Btw, my brother called me crazy.


  1. Vico said...
    haha, yeah, I have to agree with your bro, that's one too many stickers.
    SZA said...
    hehe..but i can't help it :D
    i was like..oh yeah, since there has so much space, i will put all and filled wit sticker :D
    at first, i wanted to decorate with all rhinestone as bling bling (using glue)..but if they fall out, it wil b ugly and hard to remove all since it use glue..
    Vico said...
    Then, I guess empty space is dangerous around you :D. But don't all those stickers make the phone uncomfortable to use?
    SZA said... falls two come :D
    well..not really..i decorate and use my previous phones as well.. my sony ericsson w800 and sony ericsson k800
    i need to get cute pouch soon.i hate those handphone cover(rubber cover) which look like condom and those fragile cover as well :D

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