Monday, September 15, 2008

Well, most of the times when I check my blog analysis, one of top search keyword I got in my blog is "Ye Lay". I had posted a few things about him before, I think so. What I remembered is J Me vs Ye Lay album and maybe, in my YGN trip last year when I met him.

Okie dokie, I will post some of his pictures which he sent to me from emails.

The first one is from Ki Ki's birthday. Other photo might be his photoshoot or something (2nd picture might be in his home or something). His account from Friendster is fake. Duh, I asked him in email and gtalk that did he have friendster, he said NO.

Ye Lay, Ki Ki, Moe Moe, Don't know, Sai Sai, Kaung Myat, Phoo Pwint


  1. laetitia said...
    please you can give me adress mail of ye lay thank you so much i m french woman and i like very much ye lay
    madyjune said...
    oh..he is actually getting on my, no it's not his fault really but i blame myself for blogging about him all the time, i am sick of getting fan comments on my blog about him and j-me

    next time u see him, just tell him to read them if he has time and that i will no longer accept his comments at my blog, ok..just kidding but i am seriously thinking about not allowing comments anymore on those blog posts related to him
    ngway said...
    hi . can you give me his email? i am so obsessed with his songs since i watched the ovation band with him wyne su khine thein, l sai ze, rebecca win, and min maw kun in la,pasedena........ is the email

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