Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday, after school, I went to MBS BBQ gathering @ Pasir Ris Beach. It was quite fun and get to know more people. Thanks to organizer and everyone.

It was muddy day back home. My silver flat was covered with all the mud. I feel like I was walking in puddle field (because it was like raining dog and cat). Thank god, there had big big tank.

I got calendar made with bamboo in present exchange program.

Sunday, I was lazing in house. I was doing all those things what I can't really do in weekdays. So half day was used up in sleeping, watching movies, Kdramas.

My assignment 2 is out. **bang head to wall** There has normalization. Darn. Have to show with all the steps and things too. There has two things I hate in this current subject, relational algebra and that normalization. They are like real crazy things and stuffs for me. I love writing sql statement, creating tables and stuffs, they are fun though. Assignment due in 2 weeks.

Tadaa Tadaa, ANTM(America's Next Top Model) is back. Cycle 11, YES!!!

Sheena. She is Korean+Japanese. Asian pride, yo!!!
Lauren Brie
Out of them, I like Sheena, Marjorie, Clark, Elina, Samantha. I feel strong for Marjorie and Clark. Clarke is pretty yet bitchy.

History history, guess what? Isis is transgender. Isis is still male contestant (not undergo operation to be girl yet)

P.S, for some of photo, I used their episode 1 photoshoot's photo, because I feel like it.

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  1. ေမ said...
    sis tommy, i also like american next top model. where do u watch from?

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