Thursday, September 11, 2008

I bought handphone pouch at AMK Hub Mini Toon.

I bought a few accessories as well. Since I can't hang handphone keycharm on my handphone, I decided to hang at my pouch.

So I bought this monkey thing, it looks like BAPE to me (I asked my brother is it looked BAPE, he said NO?). Whatever, when I go back YGN, I will show this to one who like BAPE, if he wants, he might grab this from me.

With this long chain attached heart shape crystal and small bell, it is cute.

Behind got mirror.

I bought this key chain with S letter, it got diamonds, crown and my initial name S. It is cute, isn't it?

After attaching them all (total 3 only). SZA keystrap is my old keystrap.
I know it is a little bit heavy :D
Can't help it since I want to decorate. My brother and my blog reader Vico will say you are crazy again =p

Bought this handphone holder to place in my office. Hi, Mr.Pooh!

My cousin sent me email that Sony Ericsson X1 is coming out soon. But yeah, nevermind I have F700 for now. I might get X1 in next year June when my handphone line is recontract. I waited long for X1 before I get F700. F700 and X1, they are kinda same. I know X1 is better, he has extra things such as WLAN, window mobile, radio (YES, F700 doesn't have radio). Ofcourse, Sony Ericsson's camera is way better. Those pictures above are taken by Samsung F700, poor quality, isn't it? I already took those picture using Sony Handycam. But I don't know where is my memory card reader. So only choice is to take picture using handphone, then transfer to laptop using bluetooth.

*crawling on floor to look for memory card reader*, nevermind, I might have to get new one soon so that I can update my blog with pictures.

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  1. Vico said...
    haha, yes, I think that's too many accessories. Isn't it uncomfortable to carry that pouch with those long strings hanging from it. I guess I'm just used to just carrying my phone in my pocket. I need a new phone too, but I just spent too much money buying textbooks, so I'll have to wait a couple of months.

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