Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SQL test was pretty fine. I can answer all and get the correct results (I guess). Getting the result as you want in sorta programming makes me happy.

It was 30 marks question. I expect to get like 24/30. Question 1 to 4 were alright. I thought Question 5 is hard and I was stuck at there. I was thinking about Trigger? Actually, it is just Transaction. Dammit, dammit. My friend said it was easiest question among others (he couldn't answer Question 1 to 4 though)

So I got heart pain because it is easy question. It is not that I totally didn't answer. I wrote the code, but was quite rushed and I just wrote any how. I got the result. But I missed out a few lines. So I don't know I will totally get 0 or a few marks (the question worth 6 marks though)?

Getting good mark in SQL test will be better, because I can't expect much for my assignments. Geez!!!

Behind story : When teacher taught about that Tigger and Transaction. I skipped lecturer to watch Babylon A.D. It is not because that I totally want to skip. It is because teacher changed schedule for lecture to Tuesday instead of normal Wednesday. I didn't know it at first. Then I went to Nuffnang movie screening Babylon A.D.


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