Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday blue is just enough to start a day of to go work. When I got up this moring, the whole sky was like about to cry and so dark. I wish I could still laze in my bed. *Yawn*

But no choice that have to go work. ~sigh~

After wash face, brush teeth, change cloth, ready to go out from home. I reconized something when I reached MRT, my t-shirt is inside out (I'm wearing in opposite way). I had to rush to toilet near MRT to change cloth. Geez.

Today isn't good day to me. I have SQL test in this evening. Wish me luck!!!

I thought I like doing database, sql and those stuffs. But not really though, I feel so unsatisfied when I can't do the query for particulat result to come out. So frustraing! Okie, I don't like to do anything about computer (networking, programming, web design, database, whatever) except playing games, watching movies, dramas, suffering net and those stuffs. Bluh!!!

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  1. Vico said...
    Good luck with your test, I have test today too. I've never worn a shirt inside out, but it happened to my mom the other day. I use the computer for the same reasons.

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