Saturday, December 5, 2009

I don't know how was it. But I wore make up today, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, blusher. Haha.
Darn, I hate pimples and pimple scars on my face.
Nang's face is great and her skin as well. And I like her hairstyle.

Bugis Junction, on the escalator

Lunch at N.Y.D.C

My Iced Cappuccino with whipped cream

In Neoprint photo machine

Yummy desserts (BenTen Cafe @ Iluma)

Drooling? The chicken is really great

Green Tea something. I will say this dessert is cheap. It costs only S$3.80. My fave Black Sesame Icecream @ Uzumaki Icecream shop cost like S$3.50 for only one cone.

Here come our neoprint photos.

I like this picture most. I don't know what am I doing. But I feel like this is sorta like some Kdrama poster. Haha.

Our initial names still the same even though we flip the car. Isn't it cool?

Icecream, yummm!!!

The real neoprint here. Above are scanned pictures from Nang.
This will add to my neoprint collection below.
I love taking neoprint. Gosh, they are so cute. Make people beautiful. I wish I own those machines.

In my collections
Myself, Sai Sai, Ma Bon, Nilar, Heiman, Nang, Khine Thit Lwin, Lynn, Stellabeth, Mable, Susie, Kathy

End of the day, this thing made me to get foot blister.

Bought this in John Little sale. Love silver and sequin

Sorta better after putting some lotion.

Tomorrow, planning to go out and take photos at Hort Park with Wynnle.
P.S. Stragetic Business Systems subject sample exam questions are really hard to answer. I haven't studied a thing yet. Darn.

To Vico : I didn't abandon my blog, I think you abandon my blog :/

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  1. Vico said...
    Ouch, maybe you shouldn't wear those shoes. They don't seem comfortable. Is your friend a biker or something, what's with the glove?
    Those desserts look tasty, making me hungry :)

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