Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday night was fun after meeting HM, NL and playing cards at home. Saturday evening, met NL and went to City Hall and had Myanmar food "Tofu Noodle" at Golden Triangle

Walked around Raffles City Shopping Centre. I like this sweatshirt with hoodie (Hoodies are love). It is like for men and big size. But currently I am obsessed with over-sized shirt. So I bought XL and gonna wear it as dress. It was having promotion. Normal price is S$89.90. But I got it as S$29.90.


Outfit of the day, I was wearing. Yes, over-sized shirt.

Watched "Sorority Row" midnight show at Century Square with NL. She wanted to watch it. Those movies I watched related with High School, College or University, seem like they have so much fun. I wanted to have those experience as well, like prom which I didn't have before.

Went for shopping with WL on sunday. Bought this gladiator high heel. I never liked this type before. But this will be suitable with any casual clothes, short pant or anything. Peep toe type will be more suitable with dress. I won't be wear dress every times I go out. That why, I got this. Last pair for my size 38. No choice, I just took display pair. End up, right size zipper is a bit spoiled, hard to zip. 3 inches heel is wearable for me. After add on 3 inches, I feel tall as 5'6". On Friday night, me, NL and HM passed through bridal shop, we were talking about beautiful bridal dress. NL said it should wear it with like 5 inches heel. I saw those very high heel at River Island. It will be very hard to stand. Can't image how wear. But after trying, it might be ok? or not? I don't know.
Going out, hanging out with girlfriends is fun. After all, 99.99% of  my friends are girls.


I got a call from my friend last night and it made me really happy that he remembered me (and he said so too and asking me about how is his new album?), I asked him 'did you call me last night? (because I got missed call from unknown number, I received his call as unknown number as well).

Currently Obsession : Over-sized shade, Over-sized shirt, Over-sized spectacle (although I am not obsessed, lastly my body is like I-am over-sized-me).

P.S. I just knew that the post about I was feeling down, I posted it under my another blogger's account (use for testing blog skin only). So apologized to blogspot that I was thinking it got deleted or what? =D clumsy me. It could be that I was really feeling down and I didn't even know where did I post?

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  1. Vico said...
    Busy weekend for you, I see. I had a busy weekend too, except I was studying for exams this week. :(
    "Sorority Row" is like a horror movie, why would you want to experience that. :P
    Is it comfortable wearing those over sized shirts/sweaters?
    I think it's the first time I see you wearing high, well, at least modeling them. You have to promise to show me a pic, when you wear a dress and those heels. :D

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