Friday, October 2, 2009

I don't know I should name this entry as '13 unique facts about me or 13 strange things about me or 13 random facts about me'.

1. I comb my hair like once a day only. (When I wake up in the morning)

2. I cross my leg while I am sleeping without knowing myself I do it.

3. I write blog entries in my mind and thinking that I might post but end up, I didn't. (In this  technology day, now we can post blog, facebook, etc via mobile, could someone invent for me to publish entries what I write down via in my mind, lol? =p)

4. I don't like vegetables. I am carnivorous.

5. I need someone who will be pushy to me when I do something. When I am deciding something or to do something, I need someone to tell me go for it. It is like I am standing at cliff, I need someone to push me down. (But sometimes, I just totally do opposite way and never listen)

6. I feel I couldn't sleep if I don't sleep on my right side.

7. I want triplet.

8. I can eat only one meal a day. But when I eat, I eat like there's no tomorrow. (Isn't it perfect for buffet?)

9. I don't wear full make up even though I am going for wedding or my graduation. Just make up foundation & lip gloss, I am done. I don't do cheek blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, eyebrow, etc. I don't mean I will never wear. I mean till now I don't do those stuffs yet except just for fun when we were bored and my friends color my face (I thought it looks ugly on my face).

10. I used to wear big t-shirt, baggy jean pant, skateboard shoe like Globe. But next day, I wore t-shirt and short jean skirt. I stopped wearing those baggy pant after librarian from my school asked me 'Do I have sister?'. He might mistake as two person because I wore pant and skirt back and forth.

11. I feel guilty if I don't post blog entry for a few days (It is not like 1000 of visitors visiting my blog everyday though. I don't know, I just feel that way).

12. I feel guilty if I skip classes (But I still do though =p ).

13. I like American accent but I think British accent and Australian accent are weird to me.

P.S. 13 is not the number I limit myself to post facts about me. Maybe, I might have more but I forgot and couldn't think anymore yet.

To Vico : Yes, I will think twice to change optical lens for that frame after seeing what you and my friend said. Maybe, I will just wear it for fun.

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  1. Vico said...
    Vegetables are good for you, try eating more of them. You want someone 'pushy' to tell you want to do or just someone to encourage you?
    "7. I want triplet." -- I see you still haven't given up that idea. It still sounds tough to me. One baby is a lot of hard work, now imagine three. (*_*)
    So what did you answer the librarian?
    @11, yes feel guilty towards me b/c I comment here, lol. :P

    About the frames, yeah, personally I feel like they're too big for you. If you want to go for the thick-styled frames, maybe try some that are just a little smaller than those large ones. It's good that you'll think about it. But if you really like those large frames then just go with those. What's important is that you like them and you feel comfortable. :)

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