Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How scary Mr.Google can do? They can pull out inside out (even intestine) of yours (if you are virtual person like me who play game, blog, facebook, youtube, ebay, tweet, etc etc).

I like to read my blog's analysis like where are they come from or keywords. I know most hits are coming from google by keywords. Some hits are directly hits which are visited by my personal friends such as HM (silent reader and the one who complaint if I don't write new post yet. I am not sure she is still reading or not since she becomes business woman /  Tai Tai / shop owner), MaBayDar, etc and one & only virtual friend Vico (I only know him because he always leave me comments).

Google makes me wonder -
1. When I type the keyword 'tommygirl', my blog is second in the list of first page. The first is TOMMY HILFIGER. (please don't sure me for taking this name, lol)
2. When I type the keyword 'yznw.blogspot.com', I saw a few blogs linking my blog post of Some facts about Asian Horror Movies (I saw more than one websites/blogs). Of course, they do give credits me and I am happy that people like what I wrote down last two years ago. When I read the post again, I was like 'Aw' and smiled.

Well, after seeing my blog analysis, these are the two keywords I got a lot of hits. The others are just songs or kdrama or jdrama.

So LOVE IT or HATE IT, to Google. I love it when it gives me tons of information what I need. You can HATE IT, when Mr.Google knows too much about you (especially when you don't want to expose).

To HM : Yes, that old style is trend =p
To mabaydar : Thanks, but I have watched it on Saturday with one friend. She was scared to watch horror movie too, but she wanted to get experience of watching horror movie in cinema =D
To Vico : Yes, the frame is big, so my face too. My short hair is getting longer now (like 1 inch?). I got sweat easily. I don't know, I just want to change hairstyle and getting shorter.

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  1. Vico said...
    Google is taking over the world, lol.
    I still feel like the frames are too big. I mean it's not like your head is an abnormal size. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing you wearing them. It was only one pic. :P
    Is one inch really a lot? I don't know, your hair seems short to me. But I guess a new style wouldn't hurt, right. :D

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