Monday, September 14, 2009

Last Saturday, after my class, met up with friends as they had plan to go Marina Barrage to have some photos taken. I joined them. The good camera like DSLR camera does wonder.

The reason I don't really blog on Saturday, Sunday is like either I go out and no time to use internet at all or I am being potato couch, lazing in my room and babysitting.

My Twin from different parents

Are we dancing? Actually, trying to jump pose. But I don't get actual-in-da-air picture yet.

Trying to do like ballet girl near us. Trying to do Tip Toe Pose.

Still have a bit more of pictures in my phone, Kathy's phone and photographer's camera.

Special Thanks to Photographer Ma Thet Su

To Vico : Hey, I still owned half of those perfume though :) Um, you will like this entry, ain't you? I am smiling more. Usually, I don't. But some are natural and not posing shoot. And the mood, surrounding, the friends make me smile.


  1. Vico said...
    Yeah, I loved this post. :) You know I love pics and you looked great. ;) These pics are really nice. They are like pics used in ads. Well if these friends make you smile, I'll have to tell them to always hang out with you when you are taking pics. That way I'll always see your smile. :P

    These are the links for Family Outing, the show is really funny. Check it out when you have a chance, when I come home and watch it, I relieve a lot of stress. :)

    To Download: &

    The groups have youtube channels to watch: & &

    But I have to give credit to the people in this thread thanks to them I discovered the show and the links.
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