Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/09, 09:09:09

Nothing, just for fun and nice looking, right?

Well, Last last night, this black and white cat jumped into my room from window. My room is just beside the corridor. Even though the window is quite high from ground, I didn't know how the hell the cat jumped. And some more, the window has some steel thing crossing (I don't know how to say though). It was like 1AM, I was on my bed and falling alseep (but I think I just called to my brother and asking whether he would come back home or not). Then the cat jumped to my room and it creep me out. After that, I got up from bed and chased him away from my room. Did someone throw the cat into my room? And was it bad luck or what?

To Vico : Yeah, I love that shirt Mickey, I bought it from Bangkok. Lol, how could I go out with bedroom slipper? Or else, I would just wear that shirt in my bedroom, Haha. You don't eat prawn? Is it like prawn means raw thing and shrimp is cooked thing? I thought it is same, just food, maybe sizes only different like bigger prawn is lobster? Well, I don't know, I am messed up. It reminds me of a time, I gave some snack to my friend from China during break time at work. It was dried mutton stick which is sorta like snack. It is food from my country, Myanmar.

Me : Hey, try this.
My Friend : What is this?
Me : Umm..How to say?? Umm.. It is GOAT.
My Friend : Okay, I will try.

A few minutes later, I remembered something.
Me : Hey.. I remember..I remember..It is MUTTON.
My Friend : Huh? I don't eat MUTTON.

Goat is animal and live thing right? I am supposed to say MUTTON, but I forgot, lol.


  1. Zatlite said...
    Mutton jerky? Or venison jerky? Doesn't matter I like jerky :)

    Shrimp = small creepy crawlies
    Prawn = bigger creepy crawlies
    Lobster = big creepy crawlies with hard shells
    All are of different species and usually tasty =P
    Vico said...
    Shrimp & Prawn are different animals but similar (they are from the same Order). Around here whenever you order some sort of seafood plate it always comes with shrimp not prawn.
    I though mutton was sheep?
    Black cats are bad luck I think.

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