Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I should have more practice to take photo before I eat. Last night, I had dinner at Pizza Hut with my brother. Should I call as celebration of my brother coming back home early (like 7PM,  he used to come back late or not coming back at all)? I was surprised and asked him why. He said because he broke up with his girlfriend. Haha, what a reason?

Ok, here come the food. Twist 'N' Dunk meat galore pizza (meat galore, remember I am carnivorous?), Twist 'N' Dunk is new creation from Pizza Hut. I love pizza from Pizza Hut especially they come out with all those creations.

The white bowls near pizza (above corner) are cheese (to dunk) and small pieces of sweet crackers (to twist). I should have taken picture of after making it.

Curry Zazzle Baked Rice, yummy

Roger, it is all clear, Sir.

My brother Pepsi Float (his favorite drink in Pizza Hut)

Tried this, but thought lower part of this Flannel shirt is a bit tight. So didn't buy. I didn't feel of oh-so-I-like-this

To Vico : I was bored that why taking picture of my feet only on that day :D I am left out from convo. So I was entertaining myself.

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  1. Vico said...
    I'm honestly not a fan of pizza hut, because their pizzas taste like they were frozen and just popped into the oven. Not a fresh taste, maybe over there is different? Did you coworkers read this blog? cause it sounds like you just called them all boring & old,lol. :D

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