Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Saturday night, had buffet dinner at Carousel Royal Plaza on Scotts. I totally love it and want to eat there again.

Forks, Knives, Spoon stand (two forks big and small, two knives big and small, one spoon for each person)

The wall, it looks like red stone stuck all together

Water but the glass makes the water looks red

Glass without water

I love it, my spaghetti bolognese with crayfish. Spaghetti is just a few, because it is buffet. The chef cooked for me. It is not like I added tomato sauce in cooked spaghetti. And best of all, I added crayfish. Haha, I totally love that crayfish, it tastes like crab, but in chunk. I had like 5 pieces.

Mango pudding

(Left to Right) Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, Mocha Peppermint something, Marshmallow dip in chocolate fountain (the fun part is dipping marshmallow into chocolate and play with it)

The chocolate cake is very rich (I didn't take it, it was birthday, so it is birthday cake. I had a bite only)

The outside. Small candles on big wax

I was bored

Buffet is really really good, but the price is kinda expensive for me. S$60++ for weekend buffet dinner (including ++ total is like S$70). Weekend dinner is most expensive. Maybe, I should go for weekend lunch? I am not sure the food will be same or not. I want to go for like birthday and with my brother or if my parents are here. When there has good food, I want to share with the people I love. Wish I could treat them as my birthday. Oh, but it is like too expensive. Not only the food, the service is really good as well. Wish I have a lot of money or win lottery or something. If I am the boss, I won't need to think twice, right. Last Saturday, boss treated us as his birthday. There had like total of 17 pax, so would cost him about S$1200 :D

Among all the colleagues from my company, I am youngest. I always wear anyhow of ugly form to go to work. But on the night, I wore like when I usually go out or like wedding. They were surprised, haha (I love the feeling). They thought that I got transformation or something. Today, when I came back to work, people told me like where is your dress and high heel? You were Cinderella on last Saturday, what happened to your shoe? I told them it is over midnight and no more Cinderella, now I am back to what I look like normally in office.

The great thing, next Saturday going there again for lunch (I am not sure occasion and whose treat is it though). Woot~~

And Sunday, my cousin from Bangkok will come to Singapore. My brother said let's go and eat at New York New York. Good food good food makes me happy, YUMM YUMM.

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  1. Vico said...
    So, when you're bored, you take pics of your feet,lol? :P Seems like a nice place to eat.

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