Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Finally, I can watch this HanaKimi as JDrama. I watched this as TDrama (Taiwan Drama) before. It was pretty suck. I felt that most of TDramas are kinda forced, annoying and act cute (sorry if you are TDramas' fan, I just can't stand it). Why I watched HanaKimi in TDrama is I thought story line is kinda interesting since the girl pretended to be boy and entered to all boys school because of her crush is in that school.

This HanaKimi as JDrama gonna be bless with a lot of hot guys with major drooling. *Nose Bleed & Faint*. This drama gonna be air start from 3 July. *Counting day*

This drama is about school and classroom, so what can we expect there has over 30 guys in that classroom. See the poster for yourself. Behind front row and center one is a girl (the actress). She looks like pretty boy in there. I saw some of guys who look like tomboyish or like kinda girlish in real life too.

The school doctor and Maki (the actress who pretends to be boy)

Maki and Toma (the second actor)

Watch some preview for this drama on YouTube


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