Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last week Wednesday, I went to Kovan to buy dongle converter for office. I was asked to go the shopping centre at Kovan. I have never been there. Kovan is located at Purple MRT line in Singapore. That why, I rarely go there.

Kovan Melody Condominium

At there, I can't find the thing I need to buy at Heartland Shopping Center. So yeah, I called office that I can't find at Kovan. Then they asked to go Sim Lim Square to get it. I went to Sim Lim Square. Finally, I got that dongle converter. On the way back to office, I went shopping at Bugis Village for a few mins and I got myself a shoe. It is pretty nice and reasonable price. I will take picture next time. I really need to buy new shoe. I don't have any shoe to wear


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