Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I will definitely choose StarHub. I have been using StarHub like 4 years already. And I like Starhub. I just signed up SingTel about 8 months for my brother and my friend. But I don't like SingTel. I always feel that I just don't like it and not-oh-so-satisfied service and everything.

Because of some billing and over due bill problem, I went to SingTel Customer Service like 3 or 4 times already. Finally, my friend decided to terminate the line. So, this evening, I went to SingTel Customer Service to do termination. But they asked me to call Customer Service Hot Line 1626. Huh, I'm personally at customer service place, I don't know why I have to call and ask those things to do so. How come they can't do it at there, they said that place is for re-activation line only. To terminate it, I have to call 1626. Geez, I wasted my trip down there. If not, I can go back home earlier. And I felt that StarHub is much better. StarHub shop and Customer Service Centre, they have seats for customers while Singtel has none. Customers have to stand up at counter. StarHub is too kind, they even have seats for customers who are waiting for their numbers to call up at counters. And some more, they even provide sweets at counters. Haha.

SingTel always asks me to do something else. Example, I called customer hot line to re-activate the line. They asked me to go customer service centre. Okie, So I went there. And next time, I went to customer service centre to terminate line. They asked me to call customer service hot line. Is it like play volleyball? Throwing from one to one. I don't know how StarHub gonna work on this problem or customers can solve everything at customer service centre or not. Maybe, I'm just biased to StarHub and I never have this kinda experience at StarHub. StarHub customer service centre supports a lot of things and services at there, sweet, water from water cooler, seats and bill payment counter some more. I'm loving per second billing from StarHub. We can know sorta exactly hours, minutes and seconds we used for past month.

I want to something complaint about StarHub. When new line is signed up, the new handsets are expensive. They are about SGD100 cheaper than at outside price only. SingTel handsets are quite cheap. :D

Disclaimer : The above post is just my personal point of view. Not really criticizing.


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