Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My first day at work after 7 months long break was kinda alright. And a lot of my friends smsed me or asked me from gtalk about 'how was my first day at job'. I'm happy that they all care for me. This is like the kid is going to kindergarten for the first day, everything is new and unfamiliar things to the kid. And I'm like a kid going to school, another reason is I gonna buy new stuffs for my work as well. I bought new lunch box and I gonna buy shoe, pants, and clothings as well. This is like first office job to me, so I don't have office attire and things, so I need to buy some. I thought it is like kid going to school and mother needs to buy stuffs for the kid, lol. I don't know I'm just having this feeling and compare myself as the kid going to school. Maybe, I become noob to working life after long break.

Today after work, I went to Inle restaurant and had dinner at there. It was Ko Xyklonez's birthday. He is forumer from NativeMyanmar and a lot of NativerMyanmar forumers came as well. We all are so close each other and everyone is friendly. I'm glad that I'm part of NativeMyanmar. Thank you! And not forget to say "Happy Birthday Ko Xyklonez"

Tomorrow, I have to go Changi Airport as off site project. Gosh, this is darn far from my home. But I will take it as new environment and experience.

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  1. Min Thu said...
    be happy kid and do well in your kindergarten school.

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