Monday, July 30, 2007

Good News

I got job today, no more jobless day. Bye Bye! I have to start working tomorrow as IT Assistant. Wah! I gonna miss my lazing days at my home.

Another good new is I won two free movie tickets for Rush Hour 3. Those are from Nuffnang First Community Event. I wrote the entry about "The Things I do For Free Tickets" and I finally won. Yayy, thanks Nuffnang!! This is such an excitement and totally fun. Nuffnang is a blog advertising community. If you are blogger from Singapore or Malaysia, join Nuffnang and you won't regret it.

Talking about Nuffnang a lot, that make me remind of Nang Nak, the thai ghost movie. lol.
Because it's sound opposite way to me. Nuffnang > Nangnuff = Nang Nak

I'm such in good mood now. And not forget to say thanks to my blog (you have been through with me a lot, huh, good day, bad day and of course, because of you, I just won two free movie tickets) and the people who visit or read my blog (because you all make my days, the more visitors and readers, the happier I'm, haha). I will treat you all with my cooking posts next time. Currently, I'm craving for Japanese Curry. I'm going to try cooking Japanese Curry. Sound yummy, right? I didn't know I have such a passion for cooking. I should be chef. lol.

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  1. Me said...
    good good!! got a new job !!!
    Aja Aja Fighting !!

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