Friday, July 27, 2007

This song is so awesome, 50 cent feat. Justin Timberlake. I sense this gonna be another club HIT songs which gonna most likely to play in club for like everyday.

The chorus part of Justin, "I'm tired of using technology, why don't you sit down on top of me.
I'm tired of using technology, I need you right in front of me". When I hear it, I was like "huh, what technology?". Living in this century, when I see Technology word, the things come to my mind are like Science, Gadget, New Tech, blah blah, etc. Okie, let it be about my thinking. Here the lyric.

If you want to download the song after listening, click here.

Thanks to Ko Homer from NativeMyanmar for uploading the song.

FYI, I just got photos from my friend's wedding at Sentosa. I'm thinking the way to upload them as slide show or something. I think I will update about it maybe tomorrow or maybe not? Because, I'm going out tomorrow night.


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