Thursday, July 26, 2007

Let me think of what I did for free tickets. There has NONE. Because, I didn't get those kinda freebie tickets before (I got freebie bags before, those are from my school open house, haha).
Once I got free movie tickets as my birthday present from my friend.

I signed up at some websites to get newsletter, event and etc. Once, I got free entry permission message for MOS. But I didn't go that night. So mostly, what I do for free tickets are like sign up the necessary and stuffs. If there has anything to print out to show it, just do it.

Tomorrow night, there has Whosgoing's first anniversary at MOS. I signed up at that website. As one of user, I get free print out ticket for tomorrow at MOS. Wait, I'm not sure Nge is going or not. So I'm still not sure whether to go or not as well.

So let me think about what I will do for free tickets. I will sign up the thing if it is necessary and follow the instruction to print out or answer the questions or poll or write up something or whatever. I will just give a try, why not? This is fun, aye.

There has upcoming Nuffnang Singapore first community event on National Day. They have 200 movie tickets to give away. In order to get those free ticket, I have to write the topic about "The things I do for free tickets". I never try and participate this kinda things before. So this is kinda exciting. At least, I got some interesting topic to write about.

Event Detail Flyer


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