Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wasting Vs Spending

My dad taught me about wasting and spending. He doesn't like wasting, although he doesn't mind spending. He is like big spender, I'm like father like daughter and I'm sorta like big spender too. About wasting and spending, let's say for example, he doesn't mind if I order expensive food stuffs and eat. But he doesn't like if I don't finish eating for what I ordered. He thinks it is wasting. I'm daddy's girl. Me and my dad are kinda alike as well, so we share the same thought about it or maybe, i adapt a lot from my dad's thinking way?

Spending is okay if they spend like wisely or they spend it for their thirst and want. But I hate people who waste it. I'm not talking about some big things spending like once in a life time or twice. I'm talking about daily life. I don't want to be and other think of me like naggy, so I don't tell people when I feel they are wasting it. But one of my close friend Ma Bon knows best about my feeling on this. One of the thing is she knows I hate wasting food. So, she said she didn't dare to waste food in front of me when we go out and eat or something. Once, she and her boyfriend (now husband) ate at KFC, then her boyfriend told her "oh, I saw SZ and she is coming to us". She was eating fried chicken, and she always can't eat much, so she had like a lot of leftover. When she heard my name she was scared that I'm going to blame for so many leftover. Actually, it is another game who has same name as me (the last names are different). She laughed and told me about it when she was back home.

Siblings are enemies in previous life?

I watched one Korean drama yesterday. In that drama, they said "brothers are either enemies in previous life or one has to pay back for another one (something like that, I didn't remember for this second one). So I gave a thought about "are siblings or brothers or sisters (whatever, right?) enemies in previous life?" I'm not sure about other people. As for me and my brother, it's seem kinda true? Because we are not tired of fighting. Maybe, we are really enemies in previous life. I have my biggest enemy so close to me. lol. SoJu, don't you think so? Sometimes, I love you and I hate you. Just kidding.

Why I always dream of some celebrities?

The question said all, right? I usually dream and I dreamt a lot about celebrities as well. It is not like I'm so into them and I dream about them. This is totally random. Last night, I dreamt about Zaw Htay who is the youngest member from Too Big group. And I watched some concert as well. Guess who? Dr.Dre and some guys. lol. But what I saw on stage was like some big-sized (big and giant) guys on stages. There had 4 guys. I can't recognize or something, but somehow my mind was sure about one guy is Dr.Dre. But what a funny thing is they were singing "Umbrella" song. Actually, that song is by Rihanna feat. Jay-Z. lol.

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  1. TMH said...
    I like to read people's random thoughts. It's interesting. Nice random thoughts. As an artist, I always look for the ways to create so I appreciate when people share of their thoughts and concepts especially which they don't usually do.

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