Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Cousin

My First Cousin

They both know how to act and pose like funny one, right? There still have my other cousins who know how to pose. Gosh, these days there has a lot of cam whore even though they are young or guy or whatever, isn't it? Cam whoring is not only for girls now. Everyone is posing in front of camera. Thanks to digital camera era, we like to pose in funny, silly pose. Move on about how to pose, forget about standing like stick in front of camera. But I still not dare to pose like silly and funny if someone is taking picture of me. I'm still chicken, YES! I can pose like silly, funny way only if I take the pictures for myself.

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  1. Min Thu said...
    Oh... copyright violation! You did not ask for a permission to post in your blog from the photographer or actors. I can sue you... hahaha.... :P

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