Monday, July 30, 2007

Drunkards can be weirdo

Last Saturday night, I was with my two other friends at MOS (weekend clubbing again for three straight week, but we called this time is celebration for my friend's birthday). So after club is closed at 5 pm. We sat at somewhere near MOS. That place is kinda bar lane or something. There has so many bars and things, I don't know the name of places. Those bars are closed, but there has chairs on the streets and we sat at there. Here come the stories!

One drunk Caucasian came to my friend and he tried to sit on her lap. lol, weird, right? My friend pushed him away and he said "sorry". Then he walked to taxi-stand, and was waiting taxi. He was standing in taxi-stand and his pant was dropped off. Jesus Christ! He didn't pick up to wear it like immediately. He was staying like Mr-Pant-Dropped-Action for a while and trying to pick a fight with some people or taxi driver, I don't know. I heard the shouting and saying "F***" word.
Taxi stand is just in front of my eyes and I saw everything (so don't you dare think I'm peek-a-boo of Mr-Pant-Drop-Action) even though I ain't looking like purposely. I told my friends not to go and wait in taxi-stand unless he got a cab. I'm scared of him and if fight is gonna happening. Later, he pulled off his pant and he got taxi. Finally, relieved!

Another drunk Caucasian came to the place we were sitting, he said hi, introduced himself, and shaking hands with us. I didn't hear clearly. I thought I heard like he is French or something. Then he said good night and he left. Thanks god, not anything bad happen. Just some weirdo, right? Okie, sometimes, night life can be scary.

Grandpa Vs Grandson

I was back home in early morning like 7.30 am. I was doing some stuffs and preparing food for my brother. Then around afternoon, I went to Raffles Places to meet my uncle and to re-contract my mobile lines. After everything was done at Starhub Shop and I walked to MRT to go back home. At the City Hall MRT, when the train was arrived, I was waiting some passengers to alight. There has an old man (Grandpa) and kid (Grandson) near me. The action is coming now.

Grandpa : Hurry up, go and take a seat!
Grandson : No, I want to stand up.
Grandpa looks like : *give up*
Grandson is : *standing up near the door*

This is not just something special. But I thought this is cute, and I don't know why it's made me smile.


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