Monday, July 16, 2007


The Groupy with bride and groom

Win Le, Bride & Me (isn't the scenery beautiful?)

Me & Win Le (The big balloon is like moon. Isn't it? Haha! It shows Rasa Resort Sentosa, Shangri-la Hotel)

We love each other.

Oh, Huggie

Me thinking : Is Dinner ready? Where's my food?

Me Thinking : I'm ready to eat.

Me, Groom, Bride & Win Le

Win Le, Par Poo & Me at Cafe Del Mar on Siloso Beach. We all waiting at there, while bride and groom were changing clothes at hotel.

The bar at Cafe Del Mar is cool, right? The bar is in the pool. But, don't worry, you won't get wet like whole body. The water is about the knee level only unless you go down to next deeper place.

On the train getting out of Sentosa and going to St.James Power Station

This is like unexpectedly going to St.James again as second time. Both are for occasion, the first time was my friend's birthday, now again after wedding, can call sorta like Bachelor Night. lol.

Dammit, I swear I won't ever go to Power House on Saturday anymore. I didn't know what music playing on Saturday at Power House. It was Techno. I hate it and I can't dance with that music. We tried to move to other rooms to find R 'n' B. So, we moved to The Boiler Room. The music isn't that bad, but it is Live Band. But we moved again to Movida. Live performance as well. But the music was great. So we all stayed at there all the way to dawn.

But going there and dancing with that heel isn't that comfortable. My pencil heel was killing me, my legs were in pain.


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