Thursday, August 9, 2007

My brother was so much enjoying food. At first at home, he was rejecting to go with me. He said he rather sleeps at home.
(photo is edited by : My brother Soju)

Me & the food.
(Photo edited by my brother Soju)

Yes. This is totally right, he was just there for free food. Haha! Because he can't just enough of eating them, he said he likes those and the chilli sauce at there. I was kidding about that sticker thing about like all the times. It was cute and funny though.

Me the Nuffnanger

The tickets

Darn, even the basin at GV Vivo Toilet is pretty nice design. (I have never watch movie at GV Vivo. I don't really like going to Harbour Front and taking purple MRT line. I rather watch at Orchard Cathay)
Don't mind the ghostly image on the mirror. I just wanted to take picture of basin, not for self taken picture of myself.

See, how much I love it. I didn't even throw it up at rubbish, I brought back home and sticked it on my wardrobe.

As for Singapore National Day, I wanted to take picture with Singapore Flag. I forgot and I took this picture after I changed clothes.

Photos and captions said all, and It didn't need much explanation, right?

Thanks to Nuffnang for making such a great event.
Good to see bloggers & famous bloggers.
Good to have nice food.
Good to watch fabulous and hilarious movie.
Good to get goodie bags. lol.

EDIT : I'm pretty sick now (worse than yesterday). Sore throat, a bit fever, coughing, running and sneezing nose. Geez, this is my typical fever syndrome. Does it flu? **COUGH COUGH** **SNEEZE SNEEZE**


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