Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gosh, I saw the new credit card from CitiBank (you can see the advertisement unit at my side bar). It is called Citi Clear Card. It is frigging nice. No minimum income is required. You can even apply if you are a student. But you have to be Singaporean or Permanent Resident. I think I'm gonna get it soon after I inquiry more about it at CitiBank (Because I don't know I might need to open bank account before I apply for that card or not. I will share more information here again after I get the card or know more about this). The credit limit is S$500. But whatever, right? It is still better than nothing for me like who gets under S$30,000 per annum income.

You can use it first to pay something and just repay the bill before due date (you have like 25 days before due date). It will be better than my current debit card, plus this card is Visa. I have MasterCard for my debit card. Then, I will have both. ~la la la~

Click on the advertisement unit at my side bar to know more about the card. FYI, No one is asking me to write this or I'm getting some money from writing it, okie? (I'm getting a few bucks for putting that advertisement unit at my blog only. hehe). And I'm writing this not only because of advertisement unit at my blog, it is because really nice and good for people like us who don't meet minimum income to get credit card.

Lesson from credit card - Spend Wise and get advantage of it.


  1. Tom said...
    There are a few credit cards out there that don't require minimum incomes. I'm not sure if you're a college student or not but student credit cards offer a load of these types of cards :)
    student credit cards said...
    I agree with this cool credit card. But better look at other credit card offers too. Anyways, nice blog.
    Anonymous said...
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