Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm such a horror movie fan. I watch a lot of Korean, Japanese, Thai horror movie. So remake, can't cheat me. I ain't remake fan. I never watch those Hollywood remake of The Eye, The Ring, blah blah blah.

I watched "Kyo Aw Than" a few days ago. Before I watched, I didn't know the movie plot. So I didn't expect to be Korean horror movie remake (cruelly said, copy?). After looking at movie poster, I had thought that is it Korean movie copy? Then I watched and it is like 1000% copy. I have high expectation for these days new and young director from Myanmar to be creative and unique. I don't want to watch copy/remake version movie. I am disappointed. I expected Director Ko Pauk to make fresh and unique video. Well, because of the try, camera angle, background song, lighting, etc, I will give 1 star out of 5.

Call me whatever, yes, I still do watch Myanmar movies (actually, I do listen. I play game or do whatever while Myanmar movie is showing on lappie)


  1. mabaydar said...
    haha.. yes.. I also not fun of remake( i wanna say cruelly, copy).
    It is such a disgrace to know that whatever they produce almost everything is copied. Even Hollywood copied Asian horror, they arn't as good as original asian movie. I have watched Shutter hollywood version out of my couriousity. That is really suck.
    Actually, this is good habbit to watch myanmar movie. So that we can figure out the truth. If not, most of the pple who don't know asian movie will think myanmar entertainment has been improved. Thanks for ur info. I just really couldn't control my anger while i watching mm movies. That's why i stopped watching it quite a long time.
    madyjune said...
    I kept telling myself to go and rent some Myanmar videos but I just ended up watching tv series. I still haven't watch "Mermaid" at all. I don't think I'll check this vid out as I dislike Lu Min ever since "Kyan Sit Thar" movie.

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