Friday, November 28, 2008

My playlist feeling for love, yearning, broken-heart, etc. (Random order only)
P.S. Most of the songs I feel love, I just found love in the song although I have no one to love seriously to anyone yet (except celebrity crush *wink*)

I Am All About You - Aaron carter
Title says all. And I am feeling I dedicate to the person I love.

Crush - David Archuleta
Crush or love? I had/have/will have a lot of crushes and some disappears immediately from my mind. Will dedicate to my crush/es.

The Last Goodbye - Atomic Kitten
Title is saddening. Will dedicate to my previous loves.

Have You Ever - S club 7
I feel title and lyric say all about me.

You Took My Heart Away - Michael Learn To Rock
Who took my heart away? But listening to this song, it took my heart away (I thank to HM for her fave-love-songs cum my bed-time-sleepy-songs. I think I know this song because of her)

Love You So - Natalie
This song is just cute and I feel small love girl love in the song.

You're Still The One - Shania Twain
You're still the one. Yes, but not worth it. I wish I have someone like "You're still the one"

Walk Away - Paula DeAnda
I feel it this matches for my love and life.

First love - Utada Hikaru
I totally feel in love with this song.

Koko Ni Iru Yo (I'm Right Here) - SoulJa Feat Thelma Aoya
This song is just so so goooooood that make me fall in love every time I listen. I feel love bond between them.

Soba Ni Iru Ne (I'll Be By Your Side) - Thelma Aoya Feat Soulja
This song is just so so goooooood that make me fall in love every time I listen. I feel love bond between them. I prefer SoulJa version (which is above song)

Mama - Spice Girls
Dedicate to my Mom. Mama, I love you (I gonna see you in 14 days, yayyyy!! Finally, I can eat my mom's cooking soon)


I'm not a type of that I can show my love to my loved ones including friends, family, etc. But I truely love them though. *ahem*

If you like teeny weeny romance movie, now here it come, "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist". Reading synopsis from website, this movie is look like boyfriend, girlfriend, break-up, friends, those kinda stuff.
Oh, the actor is the one from "Juno", Juno's boyfriend a.k.a the one who make Juno becomes pregnant =D
To know more about "Nick & Norah" movie, visit here,


  1. Vico said...
    You suddenly got romantic and it isn't Valentine's Day yet. ;) Even though you say you don't show your love, you're the romantic type if you like these songs.
    SZA said...
    it is cuz of nick & norah's movie thingy..i posted about my infinite love playlist to win ticket of that movie..heee

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