Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vico talking about pink stuffs. Yeah, I do have pink dresses (I just bought it last Saturday). Pink satin dress, not baby pink though, it is more like hot pink (there has another pink dress, I didn't transfer yet to my computer or what? I didn't see in my lappy, weird, I took picture last night and transferred all for god's sake, I think so).

I have like big shoulder and arm. So I'm not confident to wear bare shoulder dress. So I gonna wear with jacket like in second picture.

More about phone again, my friend showed me a few picture of LG ice cream phone again. Check the lighting, isn't it just cute? Keypad light is totally pink and uber uber cute. (three pictures below credit to ma yeemon and original uploader from soompi.com)

This is back cover, it is just pretty that you can mistake it as front.

Oh, the lighting, my brother Soju customized it for me 'SZA' and 'OMG...' There has emotion icon like ~_~ this as well. Lota lota emotion icons.

Btw, I want Princess sign door hanger like first two pictures. I could not find in shops. So I make one for myself using Microsoft Word. And I will print out as color paper and paste on my door, Haha!! Silly or crazy or what?

To Vico : I do have in mind that what I want to buy, but I like to walk around first to check all the shops. Then I buy what I want most. I collect all the stickers as long as they are cartoon and cute. Those Japanese girls' handphone keystraps are just crazily a lot. Haha, I want to try that.


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