Monday, December 8, 2008

I had MAJOR SHOPPING on this Saturday and Sunday. I was dead tired, my feet are killing me (I wore slipper for shopping days though). Thanks Kathy for accompanying me for shopping. Today, I finally bought the phone I wanted in CENTURY, lol. It is LG KF350 ice cream phone. Isn't it uber cute and sound yummy? Haha, to match it, I hang ice cream hand phone key chain to my phone (I gonna hang more and more of hand phone keystraps, key chains. I gonna decorate my phone with lota lota stickers or bling bling rhinstones). Now I got baby pink camera Canon E1 and LG KF350 baby pink. I'm into PINK mood, woohoo!! At first I was thinking which one to get among LG KS360 (no pink in shops, only black), Samsung F700 (my old phone, ebay seller never respond me). Secondary thought, LG Viewty Pink, Samsung F480 pink, but those phones, it is like everyone is using it. Look like I become in LG and Samsung's fan. Getting over with Sony Ericsson (bye bye, love!). Don't talk about Nokia, they can't come out as nice design. All they do is they copy other brands' designs (that what I feel though)

Playing music, there has some light. It is so cute

When I close the phone, there has this cute emotion icons (it can be customized with own design as well, I just did 'SZA', my brother made for me 'OMG..')

Ah, I bought a few dresses and jacket as well. Is it lucky or what that I'm fat? Because, not 10/10 dresses can fit me, only a few dresses can fit me. If I'm slim enough, I don't know I gonna get all the dresses I like and it could be like 50 or something. I want to get all if they are cheap (call me cheapo). Rather than buying one piece of expensive stuffs, I prefer to get 10 pieces of cheap dress I like (maybe, I will buy a few of expensive only, I don't mean branded stuffs though). Now dress at Bugis Village is so cheap and it is about S$10 or S$20 only. And if I think they are nice, I want to get them, but they don't have my size.

I have a lot of photo and stuffs. But I can't update much though. After coming back from shopping and back home like 10PM plus. Then my bed is super mess with a lot of things cover on. So tiring to clean up. I can't pack any things yet. I will pack on like Friday night (maybe, I won't sleep, my flight is on 7.55AM morning). I gonna leave from home like 5.30AM. I have to pack whole night.

P.S. Shopping is total fun. 4 digits of cash is gone. Swiping credit cards are fun, horror is paying back time. Sigh~~~ Sometimes, I feel a little bit of guilty for pampering myself and loving myself because most of the things are for me.

To Vico : Hell yeah, those stickers are my love. I have collected them about 10 years and now still collecting. It is full of drawer now. I'm showing off my love, Haha. I know my place is messy with lota wires. I need like power station or what? I have a lot of stuffs to plug, laptops, handphone, speakers, etc.

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  1. Vico said...
    wow, 10 yrs, that's a long time, do you know how many stickers you have? Do you collect any type of stickers or a specific kind?
    My desk has a lot of wires too, but they're hidden so you can't see them. There really should be a limit to keystraps. Women can go shopping for a long time can't they. :P I just go in and out of a store, I already have in mind what I want to buy. If you buy a pink dress, then you can match your phone and camera. :D

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