Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am going back to YGN in 1 hour. It will be hard to use internet in YGN. I am total noob to use internet in YGN, it is kinda complicated to use anyway, it is like I can't use blogspot, yahoo, blah blah. I will be back to SG on 4 Jan. It will be very sad thing though, my flight reaches here like 11:25PM, after everything done, I will reach home like 12AM or something. And somemore, I have to go work on Monday. I will have enough feeling of like leaving YGN and my family. I still have to face those things as well. Arghhh!!! Don't want to think about it now.

To Vico : yeah. I always buy my bedsheets from Aussino Kids, yes only kids collection. They are so cute though. That why my bedsheet is like kid design. Haha. Byeeee, Vico. What do you want me to buy from YGN. Haha.


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