Thursday, December 4, 2008

This movie is so much fun. Can't stop laughing till the end. Thanks Nuffnang for great events and great movies. 9 stars out of 10. One of the best movies I ever watch. It is just cute, funny and romantic. Actor and actress are not oh-so-pretty-handsome-type. But later, they grow on me and I become to like them. Movie will be in theatre officially on 11 Dec.

I'm going back to Yangon on Next Sat. And I can't attend Nuffnang Christmas Party. But I will have fun in Yangon, Woohoo!!!

After getting Canon E1, I will have more chances to take photos and post on my blog. Cool, right?

Now big confuse to get which phone, Samsung F700 (my same old phone) or LG KS360 or Samsung F480 or LG KU990 Viewty? For the phone I want pink color.

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