Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some more pictures from Orchid Conference, I just got these photos from my friend's camera

I was going out three days straight on my four days off. It was fun even though a bit tired.
These photos are taken at Botanic Garden. It was raining a bit and we had to walk around and around so it was a bit tiring.
WISH I own this carrrrrrr

 Ma Bon's mom and Me

I was wearing the new t-shirt and wedge heel from gmarket. I can't wait to wear new things, haha.

This is next day, I went to Ma bon's house to celebrate Nilar's birthday at there.

Kweet and Me, I miss him a lot. We used to stay under one roof but now I have moved to new place :(

Ma Bon, her son 'Kweet Kweet', Birthday Girl Nilar and Me
They are my close friend. We have known each other since 10 years ago.

Kweet the cameraman. I wish I could play with him any day again.

To Vico : The only place I go is Burma, my home, my home. I have not been to other countries except just one trip each to Malaysia, Bangkok. Now you can see I am wearing wedge in this post picture. Fashion comes back from past, right? Wedding, yeah, everyone is getting married and get kids. I have been attending wedding and their kids' birthday party. But I am just single spinster, lol. Taking pictures from outside of Orchid Conference, it is not cheating since they displayed some orchid at outside, other people were doing it as well.


  1. Vico said...
    You wasted no time in wearing the new clothes. :D
    So not living with the little kid no more?
    mabaydar said...
    wow.. the kid can play DSLR already... All your shirt from Gmarket are nice. I think I should also browse already. But didn't see any of this design there.

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