Monday, March 10, 2008

8/3/08 (Saturday)

I went to IT show last Saturday and bought a few miscellaneous and gadgets until my hands are so tired from carrying. Actually, some stuffs I bought are for my friends and colleagues.

Relax at somewhere in Suntec after shopping at IT show

I went out with WinLe and we had lunch at Inle and another meal at Japanese Pizza and Pasta restaurant Shokudo. We had Seafood wafu tomato cream sauce and Tariyaki Chicken pizza. Pizza was so thin like Myanmar snack Nan Pyar. Not bad, different taste of pizza.

Teriyaki Chicken Pizza (forgot to take Seafood spaghetti with wafu tomato cream sauce)

I was tired from walking and I told Winle about foot massage I got in Mandalay when I went back YGN last Dec. That time, I had foot massage like every night with my crews. It was so good and relax time. And unexpectedly, Sai Sai called me that Saturday night and asking me to buy for him a few things for his upcoming Birthday Show (I can't tell here about his birthday show theme yet, he always has like theme and unique design such as stage for his show, right?). And he said he can't come to Singapore yet and he is now at Mandalay, Great Wall Hotel which is the hotel we stayed last time and there has spa which has good foot massage (that why he always stays there if he is in Mandalay). Well, enough of this. This month I have to spend a lot of money to buy this stuffs, to buy that stuffs, Sigh~~

Some more to come -

Hand phone for my dad as his birthday present (Dad)
Anti-aging skin care for mom (Mom)
Sony Handy Cam carrying case (Dad)
Home Theater System (Dad)
All Star Bag (Brother)
Globe Shoe (Brother)

God, please let me win next month lottery.

9/3/08 (Sunday)

I went to Blood Donation Drive at Admiralty Garden Community Centre with HM. HM did a good deed with me. This time my blood donation was everything fine. I don't get bruised on my hand because of donation and I got like full of whole blood bag which make me happy (last time, my blood bag wasn't full like this and nurse told me it was so hard to find vain and kinda difficulty and that lead me to get bruise on my hand like a week.)


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