Saturday, March 15, 2008

Every Saturday becomes like my shopping day. Spend like half day and my legs are like so tired. Whenever my legs are tired, I miss my foot massage and foot spa in MDY.

Friday night, we tried out this color 'Ash' color from Gatsby. I dyed this color for my brother's hair.

Well, well, turn out this. Not a single hair is ash color, lol.

I bought this hand phone key strap with my shortcut name on. Since I'm loving these shiny stuffs, I'm getting with diamond alphabet. It costs me like $24. (I shot with Sony DVD Handycam and they turn out so nice (even without photoshop or anything) with sparkle. So yeah, I posted all the pictures I shot (I was choosing which background would be better.)

And I bought this Nokia 5610 for my dad's birthday present (Oh, I'm good daughter, isn't it? lol)
I bought this Nokia because I heard it is like Nokia reception is way better than Sony Ericsson in YGN. I have big time sucking while opening the back cover to put the SIM card.
Well, a lot of people bought this Nokia 5610. HM's brother also bought this. My brother friend also bought this. I don't mean in same shop. I just heard about it later.

Bought Globe for my brother at The Hereen. I'm such a Globe shoe's fan and so does my brother.

Bought this Superman Bling Bling for my friend. Argh! I need to find another one for him. There seem to has nothing good. He wants Ice-Cream shape Bling Bling. I can't find one except look-alike Ice Cream shape which is upside of microphone (there has a lot of downside of microphone shape Bling Bling as well).


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