Tuesday, March 4, 2008

02/03/08 (Sunday)

Honey called me and said she just reached to Singapore yesterday. She had mood to go clubbing and asking me to join. Geez, I had darn work on Monday, I said 'No' several times. But even her friend, Spee, talked to me on phone and asking me to join. And they said they gonna come and picked me up at my house. I couldn't say 'No' any more expect to get ready.

They came and picked me up with Mercedes Limo Taxi, ~~woot~~, I love Mercedes Taxi. We went to St.James Club. We wanted to go in Movida (because Power House is trance on sunday night and Movida is Latino live band and kinda R'n'B music ). At the Movida entrance, security didn't let us go in because Spee didn't bring his IC and security said he looks under 20. Haha! Geez, we came all the way down here yet, we can't go in. Taxi driver was so friendly to use. He brought us to this Thai club 'Na Na'. We got free entrance because he brought us in. Yayy! At the bag keeping place, he even paid for us for the bag keeping fee. (He gave his name card and if we need taxi, we could call him, yeah, I'm gonna call for his taxi if I need one. Baby! it is Mercedes Taxi anyway, & I love it.).

The club played Thai music live band and techno, trance DJ music. My friend just had one jar of Beer and sitting down in club and boring except seeing those so called eye-drooling-guys-and-girls (maybe, transexual, who know?)

We went back home at 3AM plus with the same taxi driver.

Here comes the picture time.

Me & Honey in Toilet

Royal seat in toilet (forgot to mean that they have like this gold color toilet cover in toilet too, lol)

Girls or transexual, I never know. They were dancing kinda sexy dance and they have like nice boobs (even rather than those singers in the club, maybe, because they are dancers.)

The cute guy

Left side is another cute guy, the picture is just blurred. The right guy is old, he ain't cute.


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