Friday, March 28, 2008

Trend Vs Me

I'm not sure I followed the trend or trend follows me something (don't think I'm bragging).

- When I started to like crown accessories. It wasn't that popular in Singapore yet, I can even barely find anything related to crown (only like earrings, Susie knew that I like crown, so she gave me bunches of earrings as my birthday present, how sweet). Then I visited to Bangkok and had shopping at there. I bought crown earrings and belt. As time goes by, I started seeing girls wear those kinda crown belt and crown accessories.

- I started to like silver, gold, purple, violet color since last year around Novembers, December. I think those colors aren't that popular yet (even though the clothing / items with those colors are in market). This year 2008, I saw like a lot of people wearing purple, violet, gold, silver.

Well, I cut the crap. Nothing, it was just my thought.


My cousin named Cellular's video.

Sat Thwe Mhu Area Pyin Pa by Myo Kyawt Myaing

Ye Min Thein by Yatha

Myue Kywa Nay Tae by J-Me, Yan Yan Chan

A Kone Hta Ka by Bon Bon

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