Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Grr, I'm sick for a few days. Last two days were medical leave from my work. I must be tired from last Saturday & Sunday shopping. I become weak person. Maybe, 2008 isn't good health year for me. I'm sick like every month, seriously. Coughing, sore throat, running nose, blocking nose, body ache, headache, etc.

Friday is holiday, yahooo!!! So just work one more day and three days off again. Some of my friends visit to Singapore, so yeah, I have to meet and at least show them around Singapore a bit. Sunday, Tharyar's family is coming to Singapore for transit. Finally, I can't wait to meet her son "Aiden" & her daughter "Evelynn". They are so cute. Hopefully, she would call me once she reaches Singapore. They gonna sleep over like one night in Singapore and fly to their home in Canada.

Aiden & Evelynn in Halloween costume, ain't they so cute?

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  1. ThePeachTree said...
    Hope you're feeling better!!

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