Thursday, November 5, 2009

On Tuesday, sending back my cousin to airport. She won't need to come to Singapore again for extending visa. So she is not coming to Singapore like every three months which she used to.

She likes my spectacle and borrowed again to take picture.

When we, the sibling, don't fight.

A kind and sweet lady offered to take picture for us.

Terminal 3 is really beautiful. Only most of flights from western or Australia or SIA in Terminal 3.

Comparing and showing the shape


Kid's corner, the kid at the corner

Playing with things at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2

Dinner at Terminal 3

My Fave food at Terminal 3


Automatic Drinking Water Station

Bye AAM and hope to see you again. This time, drag Mr.Busy/Bizman/KoFlash/Minthu
It will be meeting for four cousins who are eldest among 14 cousins.

Currently, I am into this kinda big shirt and short pant. I would call this as "are-you-wearing-your-pant?" fashion.

P.S Uploading pictures one by one at blogger is such a pain. I attached all the photos in email and sent to my blogger email address. Tadaa~~ So fast. But if the file size is really big. It takes forever and lose in milky way.

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  1. Vico said...
    Yay, I like pics. :) Hey, your cousin is 'really' smiling, so where's your smile? :P That "kid's corner" pic is awfully cute, I like it, it's my fav. :)
    "are-you-wearing-your-pant?" -- I was going to ask that question. :D

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