Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Every times, this cousin came to Singapore, we went out and had some nice food. This time at Tampines 1 Mall BBQ Chicken. They are having 1 for 1 deal for weekdays. So if we order chicken steak or something, we get free pasta. Nice deal, right?

My brother's one, chicken and mushroom cream pasta (he put too much chilli powder until cream pasta became don't know like what, he said it is not spicy yet, waitress glared at his dish like strange thing)

My pasta, tomato sauce chicken pasta. It came with yellow bell pepper and green bell pepper. I hate the smell. So I don't really like it. After tasting pasta, I thought food isn't that nice and probably not my taste.

After trying this mashed potato, I changed my thinking. It was really good. The sauce is really nice, mashed potato is really rich and creamy. Chicken meat is soft and matched well with mushroom sauce.

My brother plate, Ginger Chicken Steak

Me and cousin. I look smaller in picture (in reality, opposite)

She borrowed my spectacle. So I used my hand as spectacle. I don't want to show my small eyes.

We, the cousins.

More pictures in cousin's hand phone. She doesn't send to me yet. She told me I am childish and silly. Her elder brother is same as well. Maybe, gene? Me and her elder brother are eldest cousins among 14 cousins. The guy is only 3 months younger than me.

A friend who is like younger brother to me from Washington DC called me today. He welcome me to visit US. Yeah, if there has a chance, I would definitely want to visit one day. I have two friends as well, Pwinty in Florida, Ma SNP in Texas. He said he would help me or send invitation letter or something if I needed. Holding Myanmar Passport, it is not that easy to get visa to go US, I guess. Hardest thing to go other countries, but it is hardest thing to become Myanmar citizens if you compare among other countries as well. So, love it or hate it. Haha.

To Vico : I look short in last picture? Maybe, I shouldn't take pictures with tall guys anymore. Today, I saw big big round ready made pizza (need to reheat in oven like 10 or 15 mins though) in supermarket, I feel like I saw pretty thing and excited to see them like I am kid or something. I told my cousins "Look at it, pizza pizza". Yah, I won't never know though. At outside, when someone tell me he/she read my blog, I would feel a little bit embarrassing and freak out a little too. It is not like I don't welcome reader. I would be just like "Oh, really?"


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