Monday, November 23, 2009

I have thought a few facts about popular kdramas. I don't know it is logic or what. It is just my feeling.

- Female leads are miserable and poor (she is sorta like most pity thing in the world).
- All the bad things happen to her, but regardless of that, she always has someone who will help her no matter what.
- All the guys in drama LOVE her and everyone LIKE her (except second lead actresses, sometimes, they are nice and love her too).

Actually, I don't want to point out those common facts from KDrama. There have already some. I just want to mention that why they are popular. I feel as these kind of drama's target is to audience who are female age between 15-30 years. We could feel like how about if I were the lead actress from drama and those stuffs. Or at least, thinking it will be great if my life is sorta like this drama (I know drama is drama though).

I don't know what I am saying. But I know what I am thinking and feeling. I might not know how to write exactly what I am feeling. I just feel this way after popular kdrama's trend (I don't mean about rating). It is about sensation and people around me like these drama.

Goong -> Coffee Prince -> Boys Over Flower -> You're Beautiful -> I would love to see Hana Kimi (Korean version)

I could see common things, don't you?

To Vico : I was wearing short skirt. So with pant and pajamas, it is easier to act and pose, isn't it? Yap, we were not playing, posing only. We don't know how to play guitar except that guy who is owner of all the guitars.

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  1. Vico said...
    Short skirt and guitars, would have made some interesting photos. (^_~)

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