Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unlucky day?
1. Server was corrupted. Calling HP careline like 30 mins waiting. Finally got it. But if OS corrupted, I have to install everything. I didn't try before yet though and how about data?

2. I forgot my wallet at office. I was walking to bus stop on the way and about to reach there. I turned back to office to get my wallet. After coming out from office, heavy rain was welcoming me. I was carrying laptop bag and umbrella. Darn. Hate this. Why it has to be rain after office hour at 6PM?

3. Because of all those thoughts, after I boarded to bus, I forgot to tap bus card to reader. I didn't know. Bus driver said "Hello" (it means "YOU FORGET TO TAP YOUR CARD"). I was embarrassed and tapped my card.

4. Back to home, on my laptop and sweeping my floor. Broom touched wire of laptop and it suddenly shut down. Because of sudden shutdown, when I turned on laptop, Google Chrome was something wrong and error. I had to do check disk (chkdsk).

5. I was rushing to write Essay ~ Article Critique. It was difficult and I don't know how to do though. (Woohoo ~ I am done when I posted this entry. I don't know about quality and grammar of my essay. But my essay's Similarity Index is only 39%. Lecturer said it has to keep within 40% - 60%. Mine is only 39%, YESSS) 

Although they are small things, they annoy me. To me, I am happy over small matters and easily upset over small matters as well.

17th of month is unluckily to me? Today, I am 25 years and 7 months old though.

Today, Wynnle uploaded our old photos from school days. It makes me smile =)

Me and Wynnle at Temasek Polytechnic Cultural Night Show
We were wearing Myanmar Traditional Dress
How old was I? I was like 18 years, I guess.

Wynnle and Me visiting Nanyang Polytechnic
Look at the way we wore, lol.

P.S. I am having heavy heart for server tomorrow. Hope everything will be ok.

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  1. Vico said...
    You had long hair back then. How come, now you want it short?

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