Thursday, November 12, 2009

When I am interested about all those BB Creams, I started digging up more about it, blog, reviews, youtube, etc. I studied it harder than my exam :D

After buying a few samples from online, finally, I knew Missha M Perfect Cover is the one I like best. It has like best coverage and my face is not that much oily anymore.

By the way, what is BB cream? It is sorta like make up foundation. I use it as like my make up foundation. If want to know know more about, do home work like me. If you have oily skin like me, Missha will be the one for you. When my cousin from Bangkok came to Singapore, I asked her to try. She loved it. So she took my Missha. I thought I could get back from blogshop I bought last time. To my horror, she has no stock for Missha. I was panic. Finally, I ordered from eBay shop rubyruby76, they do shipping from Korea. I thought it will take like a few days at least a week? But I got it like after 5 days. I was so happy.

Missha has like really nice smell. All the make up foundation and bb creams, they won't stay for a long time on my face. Like in afternoon, it is all gone and melt. But after using Missha, my face still feels fresh and white. Usually, using other make up foundation, in afternoon and end of the day, my face becomes darker.

I got two empty box (one from my last purchase and I gave away to my cousin without box)


  1. Vico said...
    So these creams make your skin whiter?
    Wu said...
    recommend this BB cream. Very light with natural color..
    Wu said...
    ecommend this BB cream. Very light with natural color..

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