Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy birthday to my one and only brother. I hope we will argue less in future.

Bought two rings from forever 21.


Bought multi sim adapter, so i wont need to cut sim card from ygn to become micro sim 

This is how i will look like if my eyes are bigger. I used one photoshopped app from iphone. Just for fun, haha

To vico : cameo? U make me happy, haha. I thought cameo is used only for star or famous appearance only. If a person like me, should use as extra. But anyway, i rejected the role twice for movie and music video. I am camea shy person even if someone unfamiliar takes photo for me. I am not rich or have a boss or win lottery (i wish i win first prize or something, so i can go back my country for good and travel around the world then set up my own business and work for myself). I will go back cuz air ticket is dirt cheap which is nearly half price of normal ticket. I paid only like S$160 for round trip.

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  1. Vico said...
    Happy belated birthday to your bro, hope you got him something good.
    Not sure about those rings. It that rock for luck or something? :D

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