Thursday, November 29, 2007

These days new movies look good and I watch them a lot. Just lay back just relax.

Two Faces Of My Girlfriend. The actress Jeong Ryeo-won is really cute in this movie. The actor is just "buh".

Virgin Snow. OMG, Lee Joon Ki, my love. And the actress is Japanese.

The Mafia The Salesman (My Boss My Hero 3)

Kidnapping Granny K. The funny drama. Yoo Geon (the guy from left side) is in the drama. He is just cute.

My Father. Daniel Henney's new movie. He is drop dead gorgeous man in the universe.

The Tattooist. Some horror movie and look good.

Enchanted. Seem like modern Disney's story.

IT show around the corner. I'm going there on Saturday to get some gadgets. The upcoming events are my friend HM's birthday and the show on Sunday. I should take some good pictures if I don't forget.


  1. *dAwN said...
    Ooo... Lee Joon Ki looks so cute ^_^ I want to watch that movie, Father, and Enchanted.
    madyjune said...
    I want to see Lee Junki movie. Have you seen Changing Partners yet? I saw download links at but I can't download it...lousy internet.

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