Monday, February 4, 2008

I love this purple fur coat with hoody, isn't it cute?

I went to Plaza Singapura with my cousin and she wanted to buy some coat. So we were at Cold Wear Shop. I love purpleeeee, I love fur coat with hoodyyyy.

I saw this exactly same shoe in Plaza Singapura Guess Shop. I wanna buy it (tag in wish list).

Wish List
- Guess shoe
- Guess wallet
- Purple fur coat with hoody (although it is not like freezing cold here, I just love it and want it, but where can I wear?)
- Some more will come.

Edit :

Yayy, in Ezy stage show, he wore the one I bought for him from here last month. The black and gold color spade, I remembered. Haha, his usual the BAPE sweater and cap. I know he will wear anyhow but I'm happy that because he wore it on the stage show rather than as usual casual wear like for every days.


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