Monday, July 5, 2010

Last Saturday, we had late lunch at Cafe Cartel Plaza Singapura. We ordered quite a lot of food for two person. But we enjoy more in New York New York. My brother didn't really like Cafe Cartel. It is supposed to be free flow of bread, but there has no butter and only left over hard bread which is like rock. I didn't even have a bite of it. Instead of butter, they put some chesse powder, duh.

Ok, let's go to main course.
(Left to right) St. Louis Pork Rib, Seafood platter, Mushroom soup


My lasagne, my brother drink ultimate chocolate, Chocolate ice cream sundae

We finished everything, impressive?

My brother creation. Our table is 7. So 007 on our bill.

Plan to go more food journey with my brother, what's next? Secret Receipe? NYDC? Kenny Roger?

Just watched Eclipse last Saturday. I guess a lot of people hate Bella, because she keeps on going back and forth between Edward and Jacob. Jacob is so cute, haha. I like Jacob better than Edward. Jacob is just look like cutie pie, Edward is sexy, I admit though.

Um, I saw in new that Andrew Garfield gonna be next spiderman in new movie. Well, marry me, Andrew Garfield. So I could be Mrs.Garfield, lol.

To Vico : Haha, I don't want to abandon my blog, but things happened. So stressful at work and even hard to breath. Everyday, I am so busy.

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  1. Vico said...
    wow, lots of food. I see the stress from work hasn't affected you appetite. :P
    Just try to update with pics. :D

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