Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caution : Vico, you gotta love this post, I make effort for you especially. Haha.

I have to go one of my friend's wedding at Hyatt Hotel in next month. So excuse excuse to buy new dress. My darling Wynnle told me that I should check out at Forever 21. I didn't really have reason to buy new clothes and didn't really know about Forever 21. So beat me, I have never been there. Once I came back home from office. I checked out Forever 21 website and saw their clothings are pretty nice and price is reasonable as well. So I can't wait to check out at Forever 21 stores.
I saw about 5 dresses I like. The rest of the 4 dresses are tight, or zip spoiled, blah blah. So finally, I only got this. Thanks to Kathy that she found out for me. I didn't really like to wear sleeveless, because I think my upper arm is pretty big. But all the nice designs are sleeveless. I decided to buy it and to wear with jacket. I found another pretty nice dress at New Look as well and it is sleeveless too. I should get nice jacket before I buy all the nice sleeveless dress.

(from left to right) The dress itself, without jacket and I look like a pig, Normal mode, With the new shade I bought (I look like blind girl?)

I want to get this design of shade. I love sunglass, even though I cannot really wear them because I wear spectacles.

Just went to supermarket with my brother. He wanted to buy milk and a few stuffs (he always drinks milk and I don't). He brought me so that I could settle all his bills. Great!
And guess what I found, surprise surprise. And I snapped a picture. Vico, what are you doing there? Are you the owner of this malt milk? I found on the shelf near to the shelf my brother was buying milk

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  1. Vico said...
    Haha, You've discovered my business. You should drink milk, it's good for you. :D
    For girls anything is a good excuse to buy clothes. :P You don't look like a pig, the dress is nice, you look good. You'll have fun at the wedding :)
    You just like to wear sun glasses indoors. You're like a pro at selcas now. :P

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