Thursday, September 1, 2011

I have like a few hundreds of pictures from the trip. I couldn't upload all, right.

At Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tourism Centre

 At Twin Tower, I look so tall right? Haha

 At Batu Caves

Dad, Me and Mom

In the caves

In the hotel room at Kuala Lumpur

 At Kuala Lumpur Airport and ready to fly to Penang

At Khoo Kongsi Temple

Me, Chaw Chaw and Me
Chaw Chaw is my dad's friend's daughter and she drove car and sent us around in Penang

Steamboat Lunch

The alaska king snow crab, so big right. We didn't have it.

At Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang
I love my samsung NX100 to take self cam using beauty shot mode. It looks nice, right?

 Jump around, jump around

My dad tried to jump like me too. Haha

Me and mom

On the boat

We were so colorful and bright, right?

 In the car, I can't stop self cam

On the flight 
Bye Malaysia. I gonna miss you.

To Vico : My canon camera is about maybe 3 years old? I am not sure. Yes. you can expect a lot of pictures. Haha. But I didn't seem to see you a lot anymore also.

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  1. Vico said...
    Cool, I like lots of pics. Nice shades. :D But your blue shirt says "Tokyo", you're in the wrong city. :P You're addicted to self shots now?
    I've been mia a bit.

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